Birding in the Golden Isles...

Our area is a birdwatcher's dream. Our coastal environment and climate offer a year-round sanctuary for scores of bird species from shore birds to raptors, warblers to woodpeckers.

Situated along the Atlantic migration pathway, we also get visited seasonally by migrating birds heading to their breeding grounds up north or to their wintering grounds in Central and South America.

With coastal marshes, sandy beaches, ancient oak trees, tall pines and old rice fields, our area offers a wonderful refuge for birds of all kinds and provides a fertile spotting site for all levels of birders, from the novice to the most serious.

Our area is home to such a wide variety of birds that it's difficult to name them all. Some of the birds routinely spotted here are:

Great Blue Heron
Great Egret
Snowy Egret
Wood Stork
Green Heron
Reddish Heron
Little Blue Heron
Belted Kingfisher
White Ibis
Red-Winged Blackbird
Purple Martins
Clapper Rail
Carolina Chickadee
Piliated Woodpecker
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
Great Horned Owl
Painted Bunting
Yellow-Throated Warbler
Northern Parula
Carolina Wren
Rufus-Sided Towhee
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Brown Thrasher
Tufted Titmouse
Black-bellied Plovers
Laughing Gulls
Caspian Tern
Least Tern
American Oystercatcher
Black Skimmer
Brown Pelican
Bald Eagle
Red-Winged Hawk

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If you enjoy birding or just want to get a better look at our feathered friends, we recommend you keep a pair of binoculars in your home, car, boat, kayak, etc. because you never know when you might spot something really spectacular. It's another great way to enjoy the beautiful Coastal Georgia outdoors!