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As one of the many barrier islands off the Georgia Coast, the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean stretch endlessly to the east with Jekyll Island off to the the southeast. Dotted with the occasional sailboats, fishing boats, shrimp boats or even container ships heading to our bustling port, the waters offer an ideal background for shore life with the brown pelicans, sea gulls, terns and a variety of other shorebirds just stopping in or residing here year-round. Pods of dolphins can often be spotted playing in the sound between Saint Simons Island and Jekyll Island. They can create quite a stir from those who spot them!


Natural erosion has re-shaped the beaches over the years. Today, during high tide, the beach area to the south near the Pier is completely under water. During low tide, however, there is plenty of open beach to keep everyone happy. On the northern edges of the beach, near Coast Guard Station and Gould's Inlet, the beach is a bit wider so it's not as affected by tides. During low tide, sand bars appear expanding the beach area considerably. During high tide, those same sand bars create a large expanse of relatively shallow water, perfect for families with children to play.



Saint Simons Lighthouse


Hugging the southeastern tip of St. Simons Island, the beach has been one of the biggest draws to the Island for generations. What is unique about our beachfront is that there is very little commercial development along the ocean front. The King & Prince Resort is the only large-scale hotel on the beach, but it's design and construction works with the environment rather than dominates it. Unlike our neighbors to the north or south whose beaches are lined with large, high-rise hotels or commercially congested boardwalks, zoning laws here are very strict, limit the height of any buildings and work to maintain the natural beauty of our shoreline.




The best public access to the beach on the Island would have to be the old Coast Guard Station with it's large parking lot and bathroom facilities. Residents can enjoy the beach year-round but the season runs from just before Memorial Day to Labor Day. We actually see visitor activity on the rise beginning shortly after Easter...when any warm sunny day is a good beach day... and it grows continuously after that as various school systems let out for the summer. Thanks to our warm climate, beach-goers have well into September and sometimes even October to enjoy themselves!

There are many other public accesses to the beach along the roads that parallel the ocean. Just look for signs, but please always remember to respect homeowners' rights and properties when parking.

As REALTORS®, we specialize in all aspects of our community. Working with people in this area of the Island re-iterates to each of us that our lifestyle is nothing to take for granted. It's a rare and valuable thing we have here and we love to share that with our clients and help them

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